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As some of you may know, [info]tan0sh11_chan  is moving up to Washington to live with me at the end of this month!  And, yes, she really is moving up here.  :D  There had been some previous discussion (at Hetalia Day 2010, where I was femme!Canada) about going ice skating, like was done last winter.  That being said!  I am putting forth that there shall be Hetalia skating before tanoshii leaves!~ :3

The day will actually not be up for discussion.  I fly down the very early morning of December 27th, and she & I leave early the following morning.  I apologize if any of you cannot make it because of the specific date, but seeing as I am planning it (and want to go), it has to be the Monday following Christmas.  There are a few options for time, however!

Outpost Ice Arena has different public skating times for us to chose from (or, if no one says anything, the time I choose).  They're open for public skating:  2:30p-4:30p; 5:30p-7:30p; 8p-10p.  Please let us know your preference of time as soon as you know! The decision of what time will be finalized by Christmas Eve.

As far as how much it will cost....  Admission for skating is $10, and skate rental is an additional $3.  However, if we have 11+ people who are committed to going, we can get a group reservation.  It will cheapen the cost to $10 total per person, and does include skate rental.  We will need to know your commitment at least 48 hours in advance of when we will be skating.  If you do not wish to skate, but would like to come anyway, you will not be charged for being there. :3

I also figure that food-getting will likely happen after we're all done skating, so I do suggest having funds on hand for that. :3
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