ACC Anyone?

Is anyone here going to the ABQ Comic Con next weekend? I was supposed to go with a friend but she had some family problems pop up and probably isn't going to make it... I will be there Sunday, and it would be great to hang out with somebody~ haha

Hetalia CMV anyone?

EDIT: Since Hetalia Day didn't happen this year, we'll try to throw something together for Animeland Otaku Mex. I'll be the Fem!Denmark or Igiko walking around with the new fancy camera :P Trust me you'll know me when you see me.

Hello All :)

I'm relatively new here but I've been contemplating the idea for a while now to make a Hetalia CMV and was wondering if you wonderful people would like to help make this possible. The closest event I could think of where we could all meet up is October 22, Hetalia Day, but I also would understand if this intruded on the actual plans for the event and I would be willing to work around it. However, if we filmed it all then I would be able to have everything done and edited to show at Otaku Mex in November before I put it on the interwebs XD

I also wanted the CMV to be a collaborative effort, so I'm open to ideas from everyone who's going to participate, but I had the idea of doing the CMV to "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguleria. If there was an England cosplayer willing to help take the lead that would make my year, as I don't think I'll have my Igiko costume by then. Other ideas were songs like "Last Friday Night", "How to Love", "Super Bass" and maybe, "You and I"; basically fun popish songs that would be easy to parody and incorporate a lot cosplayers to. We could also do something a bit more serious if you all wanted to as well. So far I have a Fem!Denmark and Taiwan for the video (read: Me and my sister) but would love to to have as many Hetalia cosplayers as possible!

Ideally I was hoping we would have enough people interested that we could do this periodically and maybe post a couple videos on Youtube and create a channel for our group here in NM, but even just one video would be pretty cool I think. If you'd be willing to be taped doing silly shenanigans just comment letting me know what you'd most likely cosplay and what song you'd like to have it done to. Hopefully their will be one song a few of us will agree on.

<3 Thank you all for helping make this happen! <3

P.S. Sorry for the super advance notice but I'd like to plan it out asap so I can make a tentative script (most of the video would end up being improv though as the best CMV's tend to be like that I think), and people can learn lyrics if they need to. Mostly though just to see if people actually want to be in it and if it would be possible.

P.P.S. If you have no idea what I'm talking about go to Youtube and search either: Hetalia Wants It With Whipped Cream On It, Tik Tok Cosplay Parody Hetalia Version, or Hetalia's Dirty Little Secret. It should be the first one that shows up on all 3 searches. I want to do something like that.

P.P.P.S. Long post is long. Sorry

Nan Desu Kan

Is anyone going to NDK? It's an anime convention in Denver, CO and it has a big Hetalia group there. Or, at least, there was last year.

I have short (darkish) blonde hair and I'll be wearing my green contacts. I'll probably be dressed in a whole bunch of Swiss stuff XD  Swiss t-shirt, military pants, Edelweiss earrings, necklace, keychain and keyring haha I might also have my dad's Swiss military bag. It's so cool~! So I guess you could say I'm casual Switzerland? XD;;;

So, anyone going? =D

Selling a Commissioned Russia Cosplay

I was commissioned a Russia cosplay a while back and the buyer had second thoughts. I am now stuck with the materials to make a Russia coat.

If anyone is interested, I will be selling the coat commission at
$150. That is the entire coat.
If you are interested, I can knit a scarf for an extra

-cost of materials is included
-shipping is included

If you are interested in this purchase, please IM me here or note me at my DeviantART

america + mochi


Saw only a few Hetalia cosplayers at ACE this weekend. Just curious, any of them in this comm? Maybe from the previous post?

1 male Russia
1 male Italy
1 HRE and 1 Chibitalia
1 Japan

(sounds like a recipe, lol)

You guys all looked great!

And congrats to the Hungary who won the anime category of the costume contest! It was a surprisingly small category, but her cosplay was very nicely done. I like how they simply called her "Girl with frying pan." XD

And I totally didn't realize Japan's English VA was there. It was a happy surprise at the voice actors' Q&A. ^^
[Metalocalypse] Skwissgar and his Guitar

ACE anyone?

So the Albuquerque Comic Expo is coming up in about a month now...who's all going? What are you going to cosplay?

(Dead comm is being deaaaaaaaad right now)
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As some of you may know, [info]tan0sh11_chan  is moving up to Washington to live with me at the end of this month!  And, yes, she really is moving up here.  :D  There had been some previous discussion (at Hetalia Day 2010, where I was femme!Canada) about going ice skating, like was done last winter.  That being said!  I am putting forth that there shall be Hetalia skating before tanoshii leaves!~ :3

The day will actually not be up for discussion.  I fly down the very early morning of December 27th, and she & I leave early the following morning.  I apologize if any of you cannot make it because of the specific date, but seeing as I am planning it (and want to go), it has to be the Monday following Christmas.  There are a few options for time, however!

Outpost Ice Arena has different public skating times for us to chose from (or, if no one says anything, the time I choose).  They're open for public skating:  2:30p-4:30p; 5:30p-7:30p; 8p-10p.  Please let us know your preference of time as soon as you know! The decision of what time will be finalized by Christmas Eve.

As far as how much it will cost....  Admission for skating is $10, and skate rental is an additional $3.  However, if we have 11+ people who are committed to going, we can get a group reservation.  It will cheapen the cost to $10 total per person, and does include skate rental.  We will need to know your commitment at least 48 hours in advance of when we will be skating.  If you do not wish to skate, but would like to come anyway, you will not be charged for being there. :3

I also figure that food-getting will likely happen after we're all done skating, so I do suggest having funds on hand for that. :3
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